Premium Donald Trump Doll from - Fun8

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Premium Donald Trump Doll

By: Fun8

Premium Donald Trump Doll - GREAT TRUMP DOLL for anyone, likes a good Trump gag everyone will enjoy, or appreciates this excellent example of comical animation style applied to a major popular figure. This is a must for collectors. Just right for lightening conversation in your car, at home, or around your desk at work.
AMAZINGLY REALISTIC accurately capturing the look of the Donald right down to his striped tie, styled hair, fast food figure, and wrinkles. This figurine will give all your friend and family a chuckle with smiles all around.
EVERYBODY loves this Trump statue that stands a full 4 inches. Durably made of premium Poly Resin. With turned out lips in his trademark shouting pose. Just imagine Mr. Trump lecturing the Fake Media, announcing his latest Trade Tariff, or shouting Witch Hunt No Collusion.
It is a comical Trump doll, but not a Trump Bobblehead.